Beolab 3000

Quality loudspeakers provide well-modulated sound expression, and at the same time a visual personality that also commands attention. Bang & Olufsen's BeoLab 3000 and Beovox 3000 loudspeakers had both the voice and the looks for a leading, acoustic role. Because of their thin shape, they became known as Panel loudspeakers.


Panel loudspeakers were one of the most exciting examples of how Bang & Olufsen united advanced technology and stunning design to achieve totally new effects. They didn't look like high specification loudspeakers,, but their sound gave them away. Even at full volume they kept the total sound picture in perfect balance.


The elegant, flat loudspeakers were designed to be hung on the wall. And with their calm surfaces of blue or grey fabric coupled with beautiful, polished steel they looked like works of art presented in their own right. The idea of the panel speakers was based upon an advanced, acoustic principle that uses the wall as an active part of the sound reproduction, without causing the wall itself to vibrate.


They were available with or without amplifier and display showing which source was playing, at what volume, and which track number on a CD or tape you were listening to.


With display and amplifier the panel, speakers were called BeoLab 3000. Without, they were known as Beovox 3000.